Down­load the product design software.
FanCoils_BCL_26.0 products siz­ing software
Once installed and star­ted, the pro­gram will provide you with a key code that you will need to send to this address: info@​biniclima.​eu
You will then receive an email con­tain­ing the pass­word to access the software.

Down­load FanCoils_BCL_26.0

Sys­tem requirements:

  • Free­ware license
  • Lan­guages All
  • Com­pat­ible with the oper­at­ing sys­tem Win­dows XP, Win­dows 2003, Win­dows Vista, Win­dows 7, Win­dows 8, Win­dows 10
    256 Mbytes RAM (512 MB RAM recommended)
  • At least 700 Mbytes of avail­able disk space for a default install­a­tion via down­load. After installing and delet­ing tem­por­ary install­a­tion files, FanCoils_BCL_26.0 will use approx­im­ately 500 MB of disk space.
  • Screen res­ol­u­tion 1024x768 or high­er with at least 256 colors