A Century Long Story !

The Bini Clima is a com­pany with a great his­tory behind it, a story that began a cen­tury ago.

It was 1919 and our pro­duc­tion com­pany took its first steps, begin­ning to build hot air gen­er­at­ors, espe­cially for struc­tures such as factor­ies and churches.

The world of air con­di­tion­ing was still in its infancy, and we will have to wait until 1977 for the first series of air con­di­tion­ers to be installed in struc­tures that include banks, museums, offices, uni­ver­sit­ies and hotels, first in Italy and then in all the world, even in Ber­lin.

Start­ing from our his­tory we man­aged to arrive until today keep­ing our enthu­si­asm intact and always hav­ing the same pas­sion in real­iz­ing our work in con­tact with cus­tom­ers.


Innovation and Sustainability

WWe know how spe­cial the Ger­man cli­mate is, and it can often be inclement in the dif­fer­ent parts of Ber­lin.

Its cli­mate is, in fact, mod­er­ately con­tin­ent­al, with win­ters that can be very cold, and sum­mers that can reach tem­per­at­ures not very high, but which can lead to some instabil­ity.

The prob­lem, there­fore, that many Ger­mans encounter is that of man­aging the tem­per­at­ures and also the humid­ity that can be found in large cit­ies as Ber­lin.

This is why we offer to all the inhab­it­ants of Ber­lin the excel­lent products that enable us to cre­ate a work that many could define as impossible: to trans­form water into the air in order to cre­ate com­fort and well-being.

We do this “magic” every day, tak­ing care of the pro­duc­tion and sale of hydron­ic water ter­min­al units and fan coils, which can be com­pletely cus­tom­ized accord­ing to the needs of those who con­tact us in Ber­lin.

With­in our cata­log you can find, also for Ber­lin, fan coils under floor, fan coils with floor cov­er­ing, ceil­ing fan coils and many oth­er devices that you can adapt to your spe­cif­ic needs.

In addi­tion to the purely tech­nic­al side we also deal with those that, often, may be the con­sequences related to the use of an air con­di­tion­er, as hap­pens with noise.

We know, in fact, that very often fam­il­ies, but also those who man­age an activ­ity open to the pub­lic, give up the install­a­tion of a con­di­tion­er for fear that this may pro­duce too much noise.

So, in the tests we per­form for our fan coils, even for those destined for Ber­lin, we take care to check that the con­vectors and air con­di­tion­ers do not pro­duce too much noise.

Finally, to make our air con­di­tion­ers look good we can also install cas­settes with an innov­at­ive design with optim­al air dis­tri­bu­tion in each area, duc­ted and /​ or double-wall fan coils ideal for install­a­tion in false ceil­ings, double-wall fan heat­ers that see a great flex­ib­il­ity of use.


Evolution and Modernity

We would not have arrived until today, and we could not even have involved dis­tant ter­rit­or­ies like Ber­lin, if we stopped at what we pro­duced in the sev­en­ties.

We believe in the need to con­stantly evolve, and there­fore to pro­pose solu­tions that are nev­er obsol­ete.

Thanks to the con­stant search for new solu­tions and the desire to nev­er be “back” we now have the oppor­tun­ity to offer our cus­tom­ers air-con­di­tion­ing units in Ber­lin that can sat­is­fy every need.

We focus not only on the cre­ation of air con­di­tion­ers, but also on the need to make them always bet­ter, redu­cing, for example, noise, and also increas­ing their effi­ciency from an energy point of view.

We are very inter­ested in envir­on­ment­al issues, and we would like to leave a plan­et to our chil­dren and grand­chil­dren who is not pol­luted because of excess­ive emis­sions.

The energy sav­ing, there­fore, is one of the many con­cerns that move the con­stant research of Bini Clima and that push us to nev­er stop.

Quality, First Of All!

A product that is not of qual­ity will not be able to res­ist over time, and will not be able to fully sat­is­fy its cus­tom­ers.

Start­ing from this fixed point, the water-based and water-vent­il­ated fan coils of Bini Clima Ber­lin are made with the highest qual­ity com­pon­ents, able to guar­an­tee max­im­um effi­ciency in every situ­ation.

Pre­cisely to obtain always excel­lent qual­ity instru­ments, we sub­ject all our air con­di­tion­ers and con­vectors to rigid tests, which regard the stat­ic pres­sure, but also the noise and energy con­sump­tion of our products.

Using the col­lab­or­a­tion of the best inter­na­tion­al labor­at­or­ies, we try to make the exper­i­ence of using a really nice air con­di­tion­er. We know, in fact, that many fam­il­ies and entre­pren­eurs, even in Ber­lin, tend not to want an air con­di­tion­er for the con­cern related to its pro­duc­tion of noise and to the annoy­ance that could derive from its use.

The noise pol­lu­tion is one of our con­cerns, and we know that many inhab­it­ants of the Ber­lin ter­rit­ory are often gripped by con­tinu­ous noise, which should not be added to those pro­duced by the air con­di­tion­er.


The energy sav­ing is just as import­ant, also because we believe that the whole­some­ness of air, and com­fort, should not be only avail­able to wealthy fam­il­ies. So by installing one of our products you will not see a dizzy­ing increase in your elec­tri­city bills.

In this way you will also know that you have not con­trib­uted to the pol­lu­tion of the envir­on­ment because of the emis­sions that are caused by the excess­ive use of elec­tri­city.

Finally, we know how import­ant safety is in Ber­lin, and this is why our products are always up to date and allow us, every year, to have all the neces­sary cer­ti­fic­a­tions at nation­al and inter­na­tion­al level.

A Complete Service

Our cus­tom­ers, wheth­er in Ger­many or Ber­lin, should nev­er be left alone, and we are con­stantly striv­ing to keep this from hap­pen­ing.

For this reas­on, those who con­tact us will know that they can be fol­lowed, start­ing from the design of the con­vectors and air con­di­tion­ers, up to their pro­duc­tion and deliv­ery. In the design phase we are able to listen closely to Ber­lin’s cus­tom­ers, includ­ing all their requests with­in the products.

Then, when we deliv­er products to cus­tom­ers in Ber­lin, we con­tin­ue to fol­low them, offer­ing excel­lent after-sales assist­ance, on which cus­tom­ers can always count on. You can con­tact us both to receive advice on the install­a­tion and use of air con­di­tion­ers, and to receive assist­ance and spare parts for your products.


The Factory: an area of over 11,000 square meters!

Production Line Robot Rainer
Epoxy Painting Oven
Production Line Robot Trumpf Trumatic
Assembly Production Line
Production Line Robot Finn Power

Our pro­duc­tion plant is a real ele­ment of pride for us. It cov­ers about elev­en thou­sand square meters and allows us to have all the neces­sary units to offer an excel­lent cus­tom­er ser­vice.

We have the sheet met­al pro­cessing depart­ment (which sees the pres­ence of mod­ern bend­ing presses, punch­ing machines, pan­el­ing machines and weld­ers), the epoxy powder coat­ing depart­ment, the unit assembly area and the final con­trol labor­at­ory and qual­ity test.

Our References

Hotels, Offices, Airports, Residential Buildings, …All Around The World !

If we have man­aged to install more than a mil­lion hydron­ic units in the world, there will be a reas­on.

We have offered the ideal cli­mate to hos­pit­als, air­ports, uni­ver­sit­ies, schools and factor­ies in Lon­don, Par­is, Moscow and many oth­er cit­ies, includ­ing in Ber­lin.

One of the most mem­or­able works was cer­tainly the one for which we were respons­ible for pro­du­cing, selling and installing more than 14,000 fan­coils in the com­plex of Dubai Island Apart­ments, col­lab­or­at­ing, in this situ­ation, with the York brand.

Fur­ther­more, we took care of installing more than 2,000 fan coils inside the new ter­min­al of  Domode­dovo air­port in Moscow.

We con­tin­ue to expand and want to increase our part­ner­ships also in Ber­lin, so as to grow con­stantly.

Our Values

A com­pany is as strong as its base, and our val­ues ​​are the found­a­tions of Bini Clima in Ber­lin.

These val­ues ​​have been with us since the begin­ning of our busi­ness, and allow us to nev­er give up, and to always offer a qual­ity ser­vice to all our cus­tom­ers.