A Century Long Story !

The Bini Clima is a com­pany that has come to date thanks to its his­tory, a story that began in 1919 and which also brought it to Par­is for the real­iz­a­tion of many inter­na­tion­al pro­jects.

In 1919 the com­pany was foun­ded and began to deal mainly with the pro­duc­tion and install­a­tion of hot air gen­er­at­ors that were inten­ded for factor­ies and churches on a struc­tur­al level.

At the time it was not thought about air con­di­tion­ing with the same spir­it that could be had today, and that is why air con­di­tion­ers in Par­is were not yet a required product or designed.

1977 will have to be held for the real turn­ing point: this will be the year in which our com­pany will start pro­du­cing and installing the first air con­di­tion­ers in many facil­it­ies, such as hotels, schools, offices and museums. to get to the air­ports too.

Today, more than forty years after the first install­a­tion of an air con­di­tion­er we can say that we con­tin­ue to carry out our work with the utmost ded­ic­a­tion and to offer, even to those who are in Par­is, the best products cor­res­pond­ing to cus­tom­er needs.

We have not left our pas­sion aside, and this is one of the ele­ments that cer­tainly set us apart from the com­pet­i­tion.


Innovation and Sustainability

We know how the world of air con­di­tion­ing, even in Par­is, is very com­pet­it­ive, and for this reas­on we want to offer products that are always innov­at­ive and in step with the times.

Have you ever thought, for example, to see the water trans­form into the air to ensure the com­fort and well-being needed to have an ideal envir­on­ment?

We at Bini Clima do it, and to do so, we start from the design of air con­di­tion­ers, to move on to their design and final mar­ket­ing of the same, among which you will surely find our water ter­min­al hydron­ic units.

Fan coils not only stand­ard will be able to meet the demands of cus­tom­ers and reach, there­fore, their sat­is­fac­tion, even in Par­is. We know, in fact, that the French cli­mate is really dif­fer­en­ti­ated accord­ing to the areas of ref­er­ence.

French has a humid and ocean­ic cli­mate in the part of Bay­onne and Lille, and a semi-con­tin­ent­al cli­mate, char­ac­ter­ized by cold win­ters and hot sum­mers, in Lor­raine and Alsace, an inter­me­di­ate cli­mate in the cent­ral part and in Par­is, and tor­rid sum­mers in the south­ern part.

For Par­is you will find the best applic­a­tion for under floor fan coils, floor-stand­ing fan coils, ceil­ing fan coils and many oth­er cli­mate con­trol devices.

In addi­tion, espe­cially in big cit­ies as Par­is, is char­ac­ter­ized by eleg­ance, but also by chaos, a bit like it hap­pens all over the world. That’s why we design and test our air con­di­tion­ers in order to veri­fy not only the state at a tech­nic­al level, but also the pos­sib­il­ity of pro­du­cing as little noise as pos­sible.

The noise pol­lu­tion, in fact, is com­par­able to that of the air, and we would like to allow cus­tom­ers the max­im­um com­fort, avoid­ing that those who need an air con­di­tion­er leave this need for fear of too much noise.

Finally, the love for the beauty of Par­is will surely be sat­is­fied thanks to the real­iz­a­tion of our air-con­di­tion­ing pro­jects.

We can offer, from our cata­log or at a cus­tom­ized level, cas­settes with an innov­at­ive design with an optim­al air dis­tri­bu­tion in the envir­on­ment, duc­ted fan coil units and /​ or double walls ideal for install­a­tion in false ceil­ings with very low noise, double walled high flex­ib­il­ity fan heat­ers of use.


Evolution and Modernity

At Bini Clima would not be the com­pany that every­one knows if it stopped at the first solu­tions found at the begin­ning and in the middle of the last cen­tury.

We know how import­ant it is to always aim at the future and nev­er let ourselves be caught unpre­pared. This is why we invest a lot in research and in the evol­u­tion of our products, nev­er stop­ping.

We can col­lab­or­ate with the best pro­fes­sion­als in the sec­tor, and with labor­at­or­ies that are present both on our nation­al ter­rit­ory and abroad.

Dur­ing our tests we take care to eval­u­ate every aspect related to the air con­di­tion­ing, from the purely tech­nic­al and func­tion­al, up to the pro­duc­tion of noise, thus lim­it­ing the dis­com­fort that could come from the use of an air con­di­tion­er.

At the same time we always look for optim­al solu­tions to reduce energy waste to a min­im­um.

In fact, we know how import­ant it is to think about the future of our plan­et respons­ibly.

Our atten­tion to energy and its use will allow both to reduce the pol­lu­tion caused by the pro­duc­tion of energy, and to lim­it the costs for those who have chosen a Bini Clima air con­di­tion­er in Par­is, and even in the dif­fer­ent areas of France.

Quality, First Of All!

Our Bini Clima water-based and water-vent­il­ated fan coils rep­res­ent a real excel­lence in the air con­di­tion­ing field in Par­is. We invest a lot in qual­ity, both in terms of mater­i­als and from the point of view of the use of our human resources.

In the first place, there­fore, we real­ize our air con­di­tion­ers with the best mater­i­als, sub­ject­ing each con­vector to rigid and severe tests, in order to make each cre­ation truly res­ist­ant over time.

In fact, we want our cus­tom­ers to think of our air con­di­tion­er installed in Par­is, as a product that will really accom­pany them dur­ing their per­son­al his­tory, without los­ing power and without redu­cing their per­form­ance.

We per­form tests related to the abil­ity of our devices to cre­ate an ideal cli­mate, both in rela­tion to the pos­sib­il­ity of redu­cing the noise pro­duced and the energy wasted.

In addi­tion to the mater­i­als, we have the oppor­tun­ity to col­lab­or­ate with highly qual­i­fied per­son­nel, present both in our coun­try and in the inter­na­tion­al labor­at­or­ies with which we carry out our work.

In this way, we want to ensure a truly spe­cif­ic eval­u­ation, and we want to be sure that we have not neg­lected any­thing.


In addi­tion, we try to make the air con­di­tion­ing more and more a good that many can afford, both in terms of ini­tial cost, both from the point of view of main­ten­ance. It is for this reas­on that we invest a lot also in the search for solu­tions that are energy-friendly and con­veni­ent.

Finally, to ensure optim­um per­form­ance for our cus­tom­ers in Par­is, we also take care to com­ply with the latest reg­u­la­tions in the field of safety and qual­ity con­trol. You will notice, there­fore, how each of our air con­di­tion­ers will adhere to the latest cer­ti­fic­a­tions both from the point of view of safety in use, both for the energy used.

A Complete Service

Customers in Par­is should nev­er be left alone, espe­cially when they decide to buy an asset as import­ant as the air con­di­tion­ing.

We there­fore have the oppor­tun­ity to fol­low each of our cus­tom­ers step by step, start­ing with the design of the air con­di­tion­ing sys­tem, up to its final deliv­ery in Par­is.

You can con­tact us, even from Par­is, to get cus­tom­ized and appro­pri­ate pro­jects, to get a quote and to buy one of our cre­ations.

In addi­tion, even after the sale you will not be left alone: you can always count on us for assist­ance, to under­stand how to bet­ter man­age your air con­di­tion­er and to get spare parts and help when needed.


The Factory: an area of over 13,000 square yards!

Production Line Robot Rainer
Epoxy Painting Oven
Production Line Robot Trumpf Trumatic
Assembly Production Line
Production Line Robot Finn Power

The Bini Clima thinks of its pro­duc­tion plant with a move­ment of pride, as it is the res­ult of com­mit­ment and work.

We own a pro­duc­tion plant of about elev­en thou­sand square meters, and this includes both the area ded­ic­ated to the pro­cessing of sheet met­al (with mod­ern bend­ing presses, punch­ing machines, pan­el­ing machines and weld­ers), the depart­ment for paint­ing with the use of epoxy powders, the unit assembly area and the final con­trol labor­at­ory and tests.

Our References

Hotels, Offices, Airports, Residential Buildings, …All Around The World !

When we say we are ready to assist our cus­tom­ers even in Par­is we do not joke! We have installed more than a mil­lion hydron­ic units all over the world, even in Par­is and in very import­ant cit­ies like Lon­don, Brus­sels, Moscow and Dubai.

Just in Dubai we have dealt with installing more than four­teen thou­sand fan­coil inside the Dubai Island Apart­ments com­plex.
That’s why we can talk about our brand as a truly inter­na­tion­al activ­ity, and always ready for new and import­ant chal­lenges.

Our Values

The Bini Clima would not be what it is today without the val­ues ​​that have accom­pan­ied it since its found­a­tion. Hon­esty is one of the most import­ant val­ues ​​on which our busi­ness is based.

We want cus­tom­ers and sup­pli­ers in Par­is, that inter­face with us, to have the oppor­tun­ity to really trust our busi­ness, and know that for us the most import­ant ele­ment is their sat­is­fac­tion.

For this reas­on we know that those who ask for our advice, even from Par­is, will real­ize that we do not have the will to gain with sub­ter­fuge and manip­u­la­tion, but only by pla­cing our work at the cen­ter of our thoughts.

In the same way, the rela­tion­ship with oth­ers will always be trans­par­ent and will not see our will to cir­cum­vent, even the most naive per­son who could con­tact us.

Finally, we like to under­line how the com­par­is­on is really import­ant for us. It is an instru­ment through which we can con­stantly improve ourselves.

The com­par­is­on with the cus­tom­er will make us under­stand where we can improve in design­ing our air con­di­tion­ers, while that with com­pet­it­ors will lead us to want to match the suc­cesses that we will see around us.

All this always keep­ing qual­ity in mind as a fun­da­ment­al ele­ment, also for Par­is.