Bini Clima Privacy Policy


1. This sec­tion con­tains inform­a­tion on the man­age­ment of BINI CLIMA SRL with ref­er­ence to the pro­cessing of BINICLIMA.COM users’ data.
2. This inform­a­tion is also val­id for the pur­poses of art. 13 of Legis­lat­ive Decree. n. 196/​2003, Code regard­ing the pro­tec­tion of per­son­al data, and for the pur­poses of art. 13 of the EU Reg­u­la­tion n. 2016/​679, con­cern­ing the pro­tec­tion of indi­vidu­als with regard to the pro­cessing of per­son­al data and the free move­ment of such data, for per­sons who inter­act with BINI CLIMA SRL and can be reached at the address cor­res­pond­ing to the ini­tial page: BINICLIMA.COM/PRIVACY-POLICY
3. The inform­a­tion is only true for BINICLIMA.COM and not for oth­er web­sites that may be con­sul­ted by the user through links con­tained therein.
4. The pur­pose of this doc­u­ment is to provide inform­a­tion on the meth­ods, tim­ing and nature of the inform­a­tion that the data con­trol­lers must provide to users when con­nect­ing to the web pages of BINICLIMA.COM, regard­less of the pur­pose of the con­nec­tion, accord­ing to the Itali­an and European legislation.
5. The inform­a­tion may under­go changes due to the intro­duc­tion of new rules in this regard, there­fore, the user is invited to peri­od­ic­ally check this page.
6. If the user is less than six­teen, pur­su­ant to art. 8, c. 1 EU reg­u­la­tion 2016/​679, will have to legit­im­ize its con­sent through the author­iz­a­tion of par­ents or guardians.


Data Hold­er

1. The data con­trol­ler is the nat­ur­al or leg­al per­son, pub­lic author­ity, ser­vice or oth­er body that, indi­vidu­ally or togeth­er with oth­ers, determ­ines the pur­poses and means of pro­cessing per­son­al data. He also deals with safety profiles.
2. With regard to this web­site the own­er of the treat­ment is Gazzini Pat­riz­ia and for any cla­ri­fic­a­tion or exer­cise of the rights of the user can con­tact her at the fol­low­ing email address: patrizia.​gazzini@​biniclima.​eu

Respons­ible for data processing

1. The con­trol­ler is the nat­ur­al or leg­al per­son, pub­lic author­ity, ser­vice or oth­er body that pro­cesses per­son­al data on behalf of the controller.
2. Pur­su­ant to Art­icle 28 of EU Reg­u­la­tion no. 2016/​679, on the appoint­ment of the data own­er, the data con­trol­ler of the BINICLIMA.COM site is: Gazzini Pat­riz­ia
3. Place of data pro­cessing ROVERETO (TN), 38068 (ITALY)
4. The pro­cessing of data gen­er­ated by the use of BINICLIMA.COM takes place at BINI CLIMA SRL in via PRATO 4.
5. In case of need, the data related to the news­let­ter ser­vice can be pro­cessed by the data con­trol­ler or data sub­jects appoin­ted for this pur­pose at the rel­ev­ant office.


Type of Cookies

1. The BINICLIMA.COM web­site uses cook­ies to make the user­’s brows­ing exper­i­ence easi­er and more intu­it­ive: cook­ies are small strings of text used to store some inform­a­tion that may con­cern the user, his pref­er­ences or the device of access to the inter­net (com­puter, tab­let or mobile phone) and are mainly used to adapt the oper­a­tion of the site to the user­’s expect­a­tions, offer­ing a more per­son­al­ized brows­ing exper­i­ence and mem­or­iz­ing the choices made previously.
2. A cook­ie con­sists of a small set of data trans­ferred to the user­’s browser from a web serv­er and can only be read by the serv­er that made the trans­fer. This is not execut­able code and does not trans­mit viruses.
3. Cook­ies do not record any per­son­al inform­a­tion and any iden­ti­fi­able inform­a­tion will not be stored. If you wish, you can pre­vent the sav­ing of some or all cook­ies. How­ever, in this case the use of the site and the ser­vices offered could be com­prom­ised. To pro­ceed without chan­ging the options related to cook­ies, simply con­tin­ue browsing.

Below are the types of cook­ies that the site uses:

Tech­nic­al cookies
1. There are many tech­no­lo­gies used to store inform­a­tion on the user­’s com­puter, which are then col­lec­ted by oth­er sites. Among these the best known and used is HTML. They are used for nav­ig­a­tion and to facil­it­ate access and use of the site by the user. They are neces­sary for the trans­mis­sion of com­mu­nic­a­tions on the elec­tron­ic net­work or the sup­pli­er to provide the ser­vice reques­ted by the customer.
2. The set­tings to man­age or deac­tiv­ate the COOKIES may vary depend­ing on the inter­net browser used. In any case, the user can man­age or request the gen­er­al deac­tiv­a­tion or can­cel­la­tion of cook­ies, modi­fy­ing the set­tings of his inter­net browser. This deac­tiv­a­tion can slow down or pre­vent access to some parts of the site.
3. The use of tech­nic­al cook­ies allows the safe and effi­cient use of the site.
4. COOKIES that are inser­ted in the browser and retrans­mit­ted by Google Ana­lyt­ics or the stat­ist­ics ser­vice of blog­gers or sim­il­ar are tech­nic­al only if used for the pur­pose of optim­iz­ing the site dir­ectly from the own­er of the site, which can col­lect inform­a­tion in aggreg­ate soul num­ber users and how they vis­it the site. Under these con­di­tions, the same rules apply to COOKIES Ana­lyt­ics, in terms of inform­a­tion and con­sent, provided for tech­nic­al cookies.
5. From the point of view of dur­a­tion we can dis­tin­guish tem­por­ary ses­sion cook­ies that are deleted auto­mat­ic­ally at the end of the brows­ing ses­sion and are used to identi­fy the user and thus avoid login to each page vis­ited and the per­man­ent ones that remain act­ive in the PC up upon expiry or can­cel­la­tion by the user.
6. Ses­sion cook­ies may be installed in order to allow access to and access to the reserved area of ​​the portal as an authen­tic­ated user.
7. They are not stored per­man­ently but only for the dur­a­tion of the nav­ig­a­tion until the browser is closed and dis­ap­pear when the browser is closed. Their use is strictly lim­ited to the trans­mis­sion of ses­sion iden­ti­fi­ers con­sist­ing of ran­dom num­bers gen­er­ated by the serv­er neces­sary to allow the safe and effi­cient explor­a­tion of the site.

Third-party cook­ies
1. In rela­tion to the proven­ance we dis­tin­guish the cook­ies sent to the browser dir­ectly from the site you are vis­it­ing and those of third parties sent to the com­puter data oth­er sites and not from the one you are visiting.
2. Per­man­ent cook­ies are often third-party cookies.
3. Most of the cook­ies of terse parts con­sists of track­ing cook­ies used to identi­fy online beha­vi­or, under­stand the interests and then cus­tom­ize the advert­ising pro­pos­als for users.
4. Third-party ana­lyt­ic­al cook­ies may be installed. They are sent from the domains of the afore­men­tioned third parties extern­al to the site.
5. Third-party ana­lyt­ic­al cook­ies are used to detect user soul beha­vi­or inform­a­tion on BINICLIMA.COM. The sur­vey takes place anonym­ously, in order to mon­it­or the per­form­ance and improve the usab­il­ity of the site. The third-party pro­fil­ing cook­ies are used to cre­ate user pro­files on BINICLIMA.COM, in order to pro­pose advert­ising mes­sages in line with the choices made by the users themselves.
6. The use of these cook­ies is gov­erned by the rules set by the third parties them­selves. There­fore, users are invited to read the pri­vacy policies and indic­a­tions to man­age or dis­able the cook­ies pub­lished on their web pages.

Pro­fil­ing Cookies
1. Pro­fil­ing cook­ies are those that cre­ate pro­files to the user and are used in order to send advert­ising mes­sages in line with the pref­er­ences expressed by the same in the con­text of surf­ing the net.
2. When these types of COOKIES are used, the user must give expli­cit consent.
3. Art­icle 22 of EU Reg­u­la­tion 2016/​679 and Art­icle 122 of the Code on data pro­tec­tion will apply.


1. Data pro­cessing mode
1. Like all web­sites, this site also makes use of log files in which inform­a­tion col­lec­ted in an auto­mated man­ner is stored dur­ing user vis­its. The inform­a­tion col­lec­ted could be the following:
Inter­net pro­tocol (IP) address;
– Type of browser and device para­met­ers used to con­nect to the site;
– Name of the Inter­net ser­vice pro­vider (ISP);
– Vis­it date and time;
– Web page of ori­gin of the vis­it­or (refer­al) and exit;
– Pos­sibly the num­ber of clicks.
2. The afore­men­tioned inform­a­tion is test rate in an auto­mated form and col­lec­ted in an exclus­ively aggreg­ated form in order to veri­fy the cor­rect func­tion­ing of the site and for secur­ity reas­ons. This inform­a­tion will be test rates based on the legit­im­ate interests of the holder.
3. For secur­ity pur­poses (spam fil­ters, fire­walls, vir­us detec­tion) the auto­mat­ic­ally recor­ded data may pos­sibly also include per­son­al data such as the IP address, which could be used, in accord­ance with applic­able laws, in order to block attempts dam­age to the site itself or to dam­age oth­er users or activ­it­ies that are harm­ful or con­sti­tut­ing a crime. Such data are nev­er used for the iden­ti­fic­a­tion or pro­fil­ing of the user, but only for the pro­tec­tion of the site and its users, such inform­a­tion will be used accord­ing to the legit­im­ate interests of the owner.
4. If the site allows com­ments, or in case of spe­cif­ic ser­vices reques­ted by the user, includ­ing the pos­sib­il­ity to send the Cur­riculum Vitae for a pos­sible work­ing rela­tion­ship, the site auto­mat­ic­ally detects and records some iden­ti­fic­a­tion data of the user , includ­ing the email address. These data are vol­un­tar­ily provided by the user at the time of request­ing ser­vice deliv­ery. By insert­ing a com­ment or oth­er inform­a­tion, the user expressly accepts the pri­vacy policy and, in par­tic­u­lar, agrees that the con­tents included are freely dis­sem­in­ated to third parties. The data received will be used exclus­ively for the pro­vi­sion of the reques­ted ser­vice and only for the time needed to provide the service.
5. The inform­a­tion that users of the site believe to make pub­lic through the ser­vices and tools made avail­able to them, are provided by the user know­ingly and vol­un­tar­ily, exempt­ing this site from any liab­il­ity regard­ing any viol­a­tion of laws. It is up to the user to veri­fy that they have per­mis­sion to enter per­son­al data of third parties or con­tents pro­tec­ted by nation­al and inter­na­tion­al standards.

2. Pur­poses of data processing
1. The data col­lec­ted by the site dur­ing its oper­a­tion are used exclus­ively for the pur­poses indic­ated above and kept for the time strictly neces­sary to carry out the activ­it­ies spe­cified and, in any case, not later than 2 years.
2. The data used for secur­ity pur­poses (block attempts to dam­age the site) are kept for the time strictly neces­sary to achieve the pre­vi­ously indic­ated end.

3. Data provided by the user
1. As indic­ated above, the option­al, expli­cit and vol­un­tary send­ing of e‑mails to the addresses indic­ated on this web­site involves the sub­sequent acquis­i­tion of the sender­’s address, neces­sary to respond to requests, as well as any oth­er per­son­al data included in the message.
2. Spe­cif­ic sum­mary inform­a­tion will be pro­gress­ively repor­ted or dis­played on the pages of the site pre­pared for par­tic­u­lar ser­vices on request.

4. Sup­port in con­fig­ur­ing your browser
1. The user can man­age cook­ies also through the set­tings of his browser. How­ever, delet­ing cook­ies from your browser may remove the pref­er­ences you have set for the site. For fur­ther inform­a­tion and sup­port it is also pos­sible to vis­it the spe­cif­ic help page of the web browser you are using:
Inter­net explorer

5.Plugin Social Network
1. This site also incor­por­ates plu­gins and /​ or but­tons for social net­works, in order to allow easy shar­ing of con­tent on your favor­ite social net­works. These plu­gins are pro­grammed so as not to set any cook­ies when access­ing the page to safe­guard the pri­vacy of users. Pos­sibly cook­ies are set, if so provided by social net­works only when the user makes effect­ive and vol­un­tary use of the plu­gin. Please note that if the user browses being logged into the social net­work then he has already con­sen­ted to the use of cook­ies con­veyed through this site at the time of regis­tra­tion to the social network.
2. The col­lec­tion and use of inform­a­tion obtained by means of the plu­gin are gov­erned by the respect­ive pri­vacy policies of the social net­works, to which ref­er­ence is made:


1. The art. 13 co. 2 of the 2016/​679 EU Reg­u­la­tion lists the user­’s rights.
2. This web­site BINICLIMA.COM intends, there­fore, to inform the user about the existence:
– the right of the inter­ested party to ask the hold­er for access to per­son­al data (Art­icle 15 of the EU Reg­u­la­tion), their updat­ing (Art­icle 7, para­graph 3, let­ter a of Legis­lat­ive Decree 196/​2003), the cor­rec­tion (Art­icle 16 of the EU Reg­u­la­tion), integ­ra­tion (Art­icle 7, para­graph 3, let­ter a of Legis­lat­ive Decree 196/​2003), the lim­it­a­tion of the pro­cessing that con­cerns it (Art­icle 18 of the EU Reg­u­la­tion) or to oppose, for reas­ons legit­im­ate, to their pro­cessing (Art­icle 21 EU Reg­u­la­tion), in addi­tion to the right to data port­ab­il­ity (Art­icle 20 EU Regulation);
– the right to request can­cel­la­tion (Art­icle 17 of the EU Reg­u­la­tion), the trans­form­a­tion into anonym­ous form or block­ing of data pro­cessed in viol­a­tion of the law, includ­ing those whose reten­tion is unne­ces­sary for the pur­poses for which the data are been col­lec­ted or sub­sequently pro­cessed (Art­icle 7 para­graph 3, let­ter b of Legis­lat­ive Decree 196/​2003);

- the right to obtain the attest­a­tion that the oper­a­tions of updat­ing, rec­ti­fic­a­tion, integ­ra­tion of data, can­cel­la­tion, block­ing of data, trans­form­a­tion, have been brought to the atten­tion, also as regards their con­tent, of those to whom the data were com­mu­nic­ated or dis­sem­in­ated, except in cases where such ful­fill­ment proves impossible or involves a use of means mani­festly dis­pro­por­tion­ate to the pro­tec­ted right (Art­icle 7 para­graph 3, let­ter c of Legis­lat­ive Decree 196/​2003).
3. Requests may be sent to the data con­trol­ler at the email address men­tioned above (without form­al­it­ies) or using the mod­el provided for by the Author­ity for the pro­tec­tion of per­son­al data.
4. If the treat­ment is based on art. 6 para­graph 1 let­ter a – con­sent to use – or on art. 9 para­graph 2 let­ter a – Con­sent express to the use of genet­ic, bio­met­ric, health-related data, which reveal reli­gious, philo­soph­ic­al or uni­on-related beliefs, which reveal racial or eth­nic ori­gin, polit­ic­al opin­ions – the user has the right to with­draw the con­sent at any time without pre­ju­dice to the law­ful­ness of the treat­ment based on the con­sent giv­en pri­or to the revocation.
5. Like­wise, in the event of viol­a­tion of the law, the user has the right to lodge a com­plaint with the Guar­ant­or for the Pro­tec­tion of Per­son­al Data, as the author­ity respons­ible for mon­it­or­ing the pro­cessing in the Itali­an State.
6. For a more in-depth exam­in­a­tion of the rights that com­pete with it, see art­icles 15 and ss. Of the 2016/​67 EU Reg­u­la­tion and the art. 7 of Legis­lat­ive Decree. 196/​2003.


1. The hold­er noti­fies the Guar­ant­or of the pro­cessing of per­son­al data to which he intends to pro­ceed, only if the pro­cessing involves:
– genet­ic, bio­met­ric data or data indic­at­ing the geo­graph­ic­al pos­i­tion of per­sons or objects via an elec­tron­ic com­mu­nic­a­tions network;
– data suit­able to reveal the state of health and sex life, treated for the pur­pose of assisted repro­duc­tion, pro­vi­sion of health ser­vices by com­pu­ter­ized data banks or the sup­ply of goods, epi­demi­olo­gic­al invest­ig­a­tions, detec­tion of men­tal, infec­tious and dif­fus­ive dis­eases , HIV-pos­it­ive, organ and tis­sue trans­plant­a­tion and mon­it­or­ing of health expenditure;

- data suit­able to reveal the sexu­al life or the psych­ic sphere, treated by asso­ci­ations, bod­ies and non-profit organ­iz­a­tions, even unre­cog­nized, polit­ic­al, philo­soph­ic­al, reli­gious or trade union;
– data pro­cessed with the aid of elec­tron­ic tools to define the pro­file or per­son­al­ity of the data sub­ject or to ana­lyze con­sump­tion habits and choices or to mon­it­or the use of elec­tron­ic com­mu­nic­a­tions ser­vices with the exclu­sion of tech­nic­ally essen­tial treat­ments to provide ser­vices same to users;
– sens­it­ive data recor­ded in data­bases for per­son­nel selec­tion pur­poses on behalf of third parties as well as sens­it­ive data used for opin­ion polls, mar­ket research and oth­er sample searches;
– data recor­ded in spe­cial data­bases man­aged with elec­tron­ic instru­ments and related to the risk on eco­nom­ic solvency, the fin­an­cial situ­ation, the cor­rect ful­fill­ment of oblig­a­tions, illi­cit or fraud­u­lent behavior.


1. This site pro­cesses the data of users in a law­ful and cor­rect man­ner, adopt­ing appro­pri­ate secur­ity meas­ures to pre­vent unau­thor­ized access, dis­clos­ure, modi­fic­a­tion or unau­thor­ized destruc­tion of data. Pro­cessing is car­ried out using IT and /​ or telemat­ic tools, with organ­iz­a­tion­al meth­ods and with logic strictly related to the pur­poses indicated.
2. In addi­tion to the own­er, in some cases, they may have access to the data cat­egor­ies of per­sons involved in the organ­iz­a­tion of the site (admin­is­trat­ive, mar­ket­ing, com­mer­cial, leg­al, sys­tem admin­is­trat­ors) or extern­al sub­jects such as (as sup­pli­ers of third-party tech­nic­al ser­vices, cour­i­ers, host­ing pro­viders, IT com­pan­ies, com­mu­nic­a­tion agencies).


1. This doc­u­ment, pub­lished at the address: BINICLIMA.COM/PRIVACY-POLICY
con­sti­tutes the pri­vacy policy of this site.
2. It may be sub­ject to changes or updates. In the case of sig­ni­fic­ant changes and updates, these will be repor­ted with appro­pri­ate noti­fic­a­tions to users.
3. The pre­vi­ous ver­sions of the doc­u­ment will be avail­able, how­ever, on this page.
4. The doc­u­ment was updated on 01/​01/​2019 to com­ply with the rel­ev­ant reg­u­la­tions and in par­tic­u­lar with EU Reg­u­la­tion 2016/​679.