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CN ducted fan coil


This CN Duc­ted Fan Coil is spe­cific­ally designed to meet high cool­ing capa­city require­ments.

It rep­res­ents one of the most eco­nom­ic­al solu­tions to provide a com­fort­able envir­on­ment for both com­mer­cial and res­id­en­tial applications.

Its silent oper­a­tion, com­pact dimen­sions and par­tic­u­larly low height make the unit ideal for ceil­ing install­a­tion even in build­ings with con­fined spaces.

The unit is sup­plied as stand­ard with a sound­proofed intake plen­um and air filter.



The under­floor fan coil by Bini Clima, with its spe­cial design and in two height ver­sions is the optim­al solu­tion for install­a­tion in hotels, offices, air­ports, museums and com­mer­cial build­ings in general.

Its main advant­ages are rep­res­en­ted by: reduced noise, air clean­li­ness (by fil­tra­tion), the effect­ive air exchange (obtain­able with extern­al air intakes  or in com­bin­a­tion with cent­ral­ized air treat­ment units), the design, the qual­ity of their com­pon­ents that guar­an­tees a long ser­vice life.


The innov­at­ive design of cas­sette by Bini Clima guar­an­tees high per­form­ance with a low noise level.

These are per­fect units if the pri­or­ity is design because they are com­pat­ible with any envir­on­ment and fur­niture. The effi­ciency of the fan and the abil­ity to adjust the fins guar­an­tee an uni­form dis­tri­bu­tion in the environment.

The dimen­sions are suit­able for all stand­ard European mod­ules and allow a quick and easy installation.

The wide choice of mod­els and the great avail­ab­il­ity of accessor­ies makes these cas­settes adapt­able at every request.



The flu­id, mov­ing along the sur­face is sub­jec­ted to a fric­tion­al force, which slows down the flu­id particles imme­di­ately in con­tact with the sur­face, and to an adhe­sion force, which attracts them towards the sur­face, thus deflect­ing the lay­er of flu­id in con­tact with the surface.

The extern­al flu­id particles, due to the attract­ive molecu­lar inter­ac­tions, tend to fol­low the intern­al ones. The over­all effect is that the lay­ers of flu­id closest to the sur­face tend to adhere to the sur­face itself, divert­ing their path.

The Coanda effect in the defin­i­tion provided by Henri Coanda him­self con­sists of three con­com­it­ant effects:

  • the phe­nomen­on of flu­id accel­er­a­tion and con­sequent reduc­tion of pres­sure on the con­vex surface;
  • the con­sequent adhe­sion of the flu­id flow to the con­vex wall;
  • the attract­ive phe­nomen­on that the lower pres­sure with respect to the extern­al envir­on­ment gen­er­ates on the sur­round­ing fluid.

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Fan­coil Slim Line Invert­er SL-EC Series

Ver­tic­al wall moun­ted hydron­ic ter­min­al, depth of 130 mm
Per­man­ent mag­net brush­less mod­u­lat­ing fan with inverter


SL-EC fan coils are designed to heat, cool and dehu­mid­i­fy envir­on­ments, emit power with high effi­ciency at high as well as low flow tem­per­at­ures (excel­lent for heat pump systems).

Allow you to trans­form a nor­mal radi­at­or sys­tem into an hot-cold air con­di­tion­ing sys­tem (espe­cially in com­bin­a­tion with a heat pump), to be com­bined with tra­di­tion­al boil­ers, as well as con­dens­ing boil­ers, sol­ar sys­tems and heat pumps, to be installed even in the quietest envir­on­ments (bed­rooms, res­id­en­tial in gen­er­al) thanks to the acous­tic per­form­ance of the DC invert­er motor com­bined with the tan­gen­tial fan, to be com­bined with recessed weekly pro­gram­mers every day for activ­a­tion and shut­down, as well as BMS (Build­ing Man­age­ment Sys­tem) or home auto­ma­tion sys­tems in Mod­bus protocol.


SL-EC avail­able only in the ver­tic­al wall ver­sion, depth of 130 mm, is a hydron­ic ter­min­al com­posed of:
high effi­ciency cop­per-alu­min­um exchange coil with expan­ded finned pack,
frame in gal­van­ized steel sheet intern­ally coated with sound-absorb­ing material
highly silent cross-flow type tan­gen­tial fan unit
Brush­less per­man­ent mag­net mod­u­lat­ing motor with invert­er, for con­tinu­ous use, energy sav­ing and low noise on EPDM anti-vibra­tion mounts
con­dens­ate col­lec­tion tray for ver­tic­al install­a­tion and syn­thet­ic thin-weave extract­able filter
shat­ter­proof glass front sur­face, trans­par­ent LCD dis­play and motor­ized flap on the air outlet
on-board elec­tron­ic con­trol in con­tinu­ous vent­il­a­tion speed mod­u­la­tion with LCD dis­play and status LED, for maximum
energy effi­ciency, it con­veys heat or cool­ing with little or no air move­ments, res­ult­ing in a very low acous­tic performance
advanced cli­mate con­trol, with infrared receiv­er for remote con­trol or with integ­ra­tion into home auto­ma­tion sys­tems via the Mod­bus con­nec­tion (stand­ard)
key lock for pub­lic build­ings, for the safety of the build­ing supervisor.

Avail­able in com­bin­a­tion with the remote con­trol: night sleep func­tion – on and off timer – dehu­mid­i­fic­a­tion only or fan only oper­a­tion – heat­ing boost and cool­ing boost function.



The fan coils dec­or­at­ive units for floor and ceil­ing by Bini Clima, with their unique design, are optim­al solu­tion for install­a­tions in hotel rooms, offices, hos­pit­als, schools and so on.

The Design, innov­at­ive tech­no­lo­gies, flex­ib­il­ity (for spe­cial requests), reduced energy con­sump­tion, low noise, clean air (air fil­tra­tion), effi­cient air exchange, pro­duc­tion qual­ity, dur­ab­il­ity and unit strength and an effect­ive con­trol sys­tem are the main advant­ages of this type of fan coil units.


The duc­ted units by Bini Clima is the ideal solu­tion for lim­ited height spaces, mainly used for sus­pen­ded ceil­ing install­a­tions.

The high per­form­ance of fans ensure high pre­val­ence accom­pan­ied by a silent oper­a­tion.

The units are avail­able ver­tic­al and hori­zont­al.


The double skin self-sup­port­ing units by Bini Clima is a solu­tion for lim­ited spaces and mainly in sus­pen­ded ceil­ing install­a­tions.

The high intens­ity sound insu­la­tion ensures oper­a­tion very silent (double-walled struc­ture, sound-absorb­ing insu­la­tion with 23 mm in rock wool with 20kg/​m³ dens­ity) with high levels of pre­val­ence plant profit.

Can be ver­tic­al or hori­zont­al, duc­ted or placed in envir­on­ment thanks to the unit design.



The double skin air hand­ling units by Bini Clima are an excel­lent solu­tion for civil and indus­tri­al applic­a­tions.

Designed to have the max­im­um flex­ib­il­ity of use, they are suit­able for install­a­tions inside build­ings, bril­liantly solv­ing the primary air prob­lem in all those cases where a cent­ral­ized sys­tem does not exist or can not be created.

By divid­ing them on each floor they allow an easy con­trol zone and elim­in­ate the costs of the masonry work, neces­sary for the large air hand­ling units.

Air flows from 2,500 to 20,000 m³/​H, made with double-walled pan­els with sound-absorb­ing insu­la­tion, can be made in the hori­zont­al or ver­tic­al ver­sion.

Fancoil Versions VDI 6022


The wide flex­ib­il­ity of per­form­ance, the effect­ive con­trol of envir­on­ment­al com­fort, the autonomy of oper­a­tion of each indi­vidu­al unit are the sali­ent advantages.

They rep­res­ent the most mod­ern ter­min­al units with typ­ic­al char­ac­ter­ist­ics and prerog­at­ives, pla­cing them­selves in an avant-garde and pres­ti­gi­ous position.

The par­tic­u­lar silence, the air fil­tra­tion, an effect­ive exchange (obtain­able with the extern­al air intake on the unit or in com­bin­a­tion with cent­ral­ized primary air treat­ment sys­tems), the choice of com­pon­ents, the mech­an­ic­al con­cep­tion of assembly, are guar­an­tee of qual­ity and ration­al­ity of the product in terms of aes­thet­ics, effi­ciency and use.


Wall Mounted Hydronic Fancoils Inverter HW-EC Series

Walls to water with motor in con­tinu­ous mod­u­la­tion invert­er in PID algorithm


• Wall moun­ted unit with ABS cabinet
• Remote con­trol or wall ther­mo­stat (on request)
• Built-in basin, or extern­al in case of valves (access­ory)
• Hot water con­sent ther­mo­stat (std if sup­plied with remote control)


HW-EC is the wall moun­ted hydron­ic ter­min­al equipped with “Silence” tech­no­logy, cre­at­ing acous­tic and thermal com­fort. Spe­cific­ally designed for res­id­en­tial applic­a­tions, it con­tains the best PID elec­tron­ic and thermal tech­no­logy in a com­pact and eleg­ant form. Ideal in heat pump sys­tems, and in renew­able sys­tems, includ­ing sol­ar ones. Quick and effect­ive, it heats, cools and dehu­mid­i­fies in the utmost silence. It can deliv­er the ideal heat out­put with unsur­passed silence thanks to technology.

It has a sound pres­sure value (SPL) – at aver­age speed – of only 33.2 dB (A) (human breath­ing cor­res­ponds to a noise level of 20dBA). “Silence” con­trols, mod­u­lates and imple­ments in uni­son the tan­gen­tial fan unit, the high effi­ciency coil, the cross-flow tech­no­logy and the refined elec­tron­ics with PID algorithms (pro­por­tion­al, integ­ral, deriv­at­ive) for a com­bin­a­tion of silence and unique per­form­ance.


AC HW Series Hydronic Wall Fancoils

Wall Mounted Hydronic

• Wall moun­ted unit with ABS cabinet
• Remote con­trol or wall ther­mo­stat (on request)
• Built-in basin, or extern­al in case of valves (access­ory)
• Hot water con­sent ther­mo­stat (std if sup­plied with remote control)


The pecu­li­ar­it­ies of the “HW” series wall-moun­ted fan-coil allow a wide use in hotels, apart­ments and offices and in rooms where floor install­a­tion is pre­ven­ted. Eleg­ant cab­in­et in ABS of reduced dimen­sions, equipped with adjustable fins to vary the air flow (only with remote con­trol) to optim­ize the dis­tri­bu­tion in the envir­on­ment, high effi­ciency bat­tery, con­dens­ate drain pan, 3‑speed fan select­able by the infrared remote con­trol , sig­nal­ing leds, remov­able regen­er­able air fil­ter. Con­dens­ate drain pump on request.

Only the 2T ver­sion (hot or cold) avail­able. It is advis­able to mount a valve so that, when the unit has reached the desired tem­per­at­ure, the water does not cir­cu­late inside the fan-coil.